Minutes of General Meetings

17th NOVEMBER, 2019.

The meeting  started  by  1:45PM  with  prayers  from  Mr. Ganiu.  The chairman,   Pastor Abass  greeted  the  entire  members  present   and  prayed  that  the  breakage  that  characterized  the  former meeting  shall not happen  this time around. He therefore intimated the  entire  members  on  the  development  that  brought  about  the  present meeting.

He informed the whole house that one of our own Mr. Musiliu (Maikudi) based in America had a chat with him and one or two other members of the family on the need to come together to demolish and rebuilt our ancestral home that have being in a state of dilapidation for many year.  He said that Maikudi said that if our generation could not perform the act now, it might be difficult for any other generation coming behind us to do. He said he appreciated the efforts of our fore-fathers in consolidating the love and peace they had maintain amongst family members over the years and must be emulated to yield  fruitful results. He said that, he Maikudu  with  the  support  other family members can contribute largely towards achieving this aim. He said what he needs is the support and endorsement of the family, that he, and other members of the family in Diaspora will gather resources with what the local members can contribute, that we are good to go.

     At this juncture, Pastor Abass said he wants to know those that are in support of this laudable project in which the entire members present endorsed and thereby resolved as follows:

             a. That we agreed to demolish and rebuild our ancestral home.

             b. That we agreed to contribute morally and financially to support the


            c. That we agreed to register our name with the local authority for


             d. That we agreed to open an account preferably with Zenith bank.

             e. That we agreed to relocate the present occupants of the building.

Towards achieving this goal, the family set up a five (5) member committee for building and financial purposes. The members include:

     1.  Alhaji Takiu

           2.  Mr. Alani

           3.  Mr. Semiu

           4.  Mr. Mutiu

           5.  Mr. Farook

The chairman enjoined Alhaji Takiu to make enquiries on requirements necessary for registration with the local authority so as to get that done before we proceed with any other action plan.

Mr. Saburi   called for voluntary donation and the sum of Ten Thousand Six  Hundred and Fifty (#10,650:00) was realized.

In the absence of nothing more to discuss, the chairman called for motion to be moved for adjournment and was so moved by Mr.Waheed seconded by Mr.Najim. The meeting came to a close at 3:30PM with prayers said by Mr. Isiaka.



15th DECEMBER, 2019.

By 2:18PM, the meeting started with prayers said by Mrs.Taofeekat. Present at the meeting is the Olori Ebi (Chairman) Mr. Mukaila. He greeted everybody and apologized for not coming to the last meeting due to some circumstances beyond his control. He said he is the chairman of his community and some urgent things were needed to be fixed. He prayed for those available and those who couldn’t make it. He let us into what transpired between him and Mr. Musiliu and said he is glad with this development and prayed to the almighty Allah to see us through.

The family hereby appointed Alhaji Takiu as the Treasurer and Pastor Abass as the Vice-Chairman by hierarchy of age. With this development, the family now  have the following officers:

             1. Mr.  Mukaila                                                           Chairman

             2. Pastor   Abass                                                         Vice-Chairman

             3. Mr.  Saburi                                                               Secretary-General

             4. Alhaji  Takiu                                                           Treasurer

             5. Mr. Mutiu                                                                  Financial Secretary

Alhaji Takiu presented his findings for requirement for registration with the local authority. The requirements are as follows:

a.            Application letter.

b.           Extract from the minutes where the family members agreed to


c.       One passport photograph of each of the following executive officers- The Chairman; the Secretary-General and the Treasurer.

d.         Family Constitution

e.          Eleven Thousand (#11,000:00) naira for registration form and sundries.

The Vice-Chairman enjoined the secretary to see to those requirements and make them ready on or before the next meeting. The family equally informed the secretary to make available letter-head paper with our old address: J149/1 Seriki Street,  Baagbo Compound,  Ilawo,   Abeokuta. A logo, inscribing three chairs denoting how our ancestors were known and addressed (ALAGA META) and make “Unity is Strength” as our motto.

Conference phone call was next in line of action that connected Mr. Musiliu (America) and Mr.Mutiu (Germany) each stating their opinions  on how to move the family forward especially on how to accomplish the task ahead. Mr.Musiliu said that he would be delighted to have a web site open for the family where family issues could be posted and contributions made and family heritage are equally showcase.  He made a pledge of initial down payment of Fifty Thousand (#50,000:00) out of the total cost of (#70,000:00) required for the job. Maikudi said he would want each family member to be contributing an amount on monthly basis no matter how small it might be. Mr. Mutiu (Germany) also supported what Maikudi opined and equally said he is going to contribute his quota.  Names of those in attendance were read to him and was impressed with the turn out.

Alhaji Monsuru was nominated as the Chairman of the building committee. The family decided that  since  we are planning a two storey structure, the down stair should be for commercial purpose while the rest be made a befitting self-contain rooms each with bathroom and toilet with sitting room their connector.

Pastor Abass said he is not in tune for the web site especially for those of us in Nigeria because everything could be read online and that would discourage members from coming to the meeting but those abroad it is alright.

The Chairman at this time called on member to deliberate on monthly contribution as suggested by Maikudi because finance is the bedrock of every family. Contributions were made from members but finally resolved to contribute a  minimum  of  Five Hundred (#500:00) naira per month. That  anybody who can afford beyond this stipulated amount is welcome.

Mr.  Lateef   seized  the  opportunity  to implore members to come earlier so as to go on time. Alhaji Takiu mentioned that he has discussed with two surveyors and their charges are in the range of Four Hundred to Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand (#450,000:00 & #450,00:00) naira. He said the amount included the red copy since the family has insisted on given the job to qualified surveyor and architect. WhatsApp  is  also opined to be opened to all members for dissemination of information.

The meeting ended at 4:20PM with prayers from Mr. Ganiu.


ATTENDANCE………………………………………… 20















2nd February, 2020.

With prayers from Alhaja Samiat opened the meeting by 2:18PM. The minutes were read and in the absence of nothing to add or subtract, motion for its adoption was moved by Alhaji Takiu and was seconded by Mr. Semiu.

The Secretary informed the general house that all documents necessary for registration of the family with the local authority are ready and he subsequently handed them to Aihaji Takiu.

Drafted constitution for the family was given to each member and the Secretary who did the compilation read and explained its content to the house. He was commended for a job well done. Since some other stakeholders were not available, its adoption was carried over to the next meeting. This, they said, will allow member to have perused it and come over with contribution(s).

Mr. Ganiu said he was astonished with the presence of what he described as ‘strange faces’ among the family and he implored the Chairman to call for introduction on the part of the new comers. First to respond was Alhaja Samiat (daughter of late Dawodu Soaga) , next is her son Abd Ahmed. Mr. Latifu (son of  late Surakatu Soaga) and his son, Olayoiwola were next in the introduction series. It was a great moment for the family for such a wonderful reunification after a long spell. Alhaja Sami could not hide her deep feelings, she said it was a great joy for her to sit among her family members once again and prayed for the sustenance of this meeting. She said she wants to know why the meeting was reconvened? Mr. Lateef, who stood for the Chairman, said the meeting was meant for the purpose of reunification, progress, development and wellness of the family members. He said that we proposed to demolish and rebuild our ancestral home as envision by Mr. Musiliu who is based in America. Alhaja said she was delighted to hear this great news and will pass the message across to all other family members in her own capacity and she and her siblings are ready to contribute both morally and financially.

Alhaji Takiu raised two questions and a suggestion. Firstly, he asked if is legal or right for us to process any document(s) with un-adopted constitution? Secondly, what do we do if the local government official insisted on visiting the family on meeting day as one of the criteria for approval?

The first question was answered by Mr. Saburi who said that the local authority has no business on whether our constitution is adopted or amended and they are not interested in that. Our constitution is our constitution. They have no right to question it. The second question was answered by Mr. Ganiu  who  said that family members must be seated by 1:00PM and the meeting must be well attended. We should put their visitation between 2:00 -2:30PM. The whole house agreed on these answers.

His suggestion is that we should agree on a fixed week of the month for the meeting to avoid ambiguity that characterized the low turn out of the last meeting. Mr. Lateef said a 2nd , 3rd or 4th Sunday of every month will be appropriate. Alhaja Sami said we should find a way to avoid party weeks to be easy for those that will be coming from far distance and she suggested the 2nd Sunday of the month which was subsequently approved by the house.

Before the closing of the meeting, inspired by the provision of the drafted constitution, article 5( Under General) No 5.  Mr. Semiu informed the family that a long standing feud had engulfed between Mr. Isiaka and Mr. Alani and efforts to settle the dispute at different forum had been futile. He therefore, implored the family to interfere. The persons in question were called upon to say the cause(s) of the issue. In all, the disagreement was amicably settled and they embraced each other to the delight of everybody.

At 4:30PM, the meeting came to a close. Prayers were said by Mr. Latifu (Ibadan).


DONATION   ————–#6,500:00



8th  March, 2020.

Motion to start the  meeting was moved by Mr. Lateef seconded by Mr. Semiu at 2:14PM. Prayers were said by Alhaja Samiat. The minutes were read. The Chairman called for any correction or omission on the read minutes. Mr. Semiu pointed out that the only correction was the non- inclusion of the monthly contribution that will start from this month. The Chairman called on the Secretary to do the needful, thereafter, asked someone to move motion for its adoption. Mr. Ganiu moved the motion, seconded by Mr. Semiu.

The Chairman called on Alhaji Takiu to give us the latest news on the certificate from the Abeokuta North Local Government. He informed the house that we have succeeded on this and it costs Twenty Three Thousand, Three Hundred and Fifty Naira (#23, 350: 00) to get it done. (The certificate was passed around for members to see). He attributed the less in the cost to the presence of our Chairman at the council since himself retired from the system and the family benefited from this. He equally informed us that the form for the opening of the bank account has been obtained and all necessary documents are under processing. He promised that by next meeting we would have the bank account ready.

Mr. Ganiu wants to know how much it will  cost us to open an account with Zenith bank. The Chairman said it ranges from zero kobo to what you can afford. Mr. Semiu said the referees we have in the form from two different bank could prolong the issuances of the bank account since some things will need to be verified with the owner of the bank account different from that of Zenith bank. Mr. Saburi said since these are the two we can lay our hands on for now and this is technology age, he believes it won’t take ages before it is done.

Alhaja samiat said that she was delighted that we are progressing on a good course, that every month something tangible is coming out of the family and implored every other member to wake up to the challenges at hand. She thanked the team that made it possible so far.

 Next on the agenda is the adoption of the drafted constitution. The Chairman called for contribution on this. Mr. Semiu responded that he wants in the constitution for the stoppage of bringing corpse for burial in the compound. He said we rather find an alternative for burial elsewhere. He further stated that we can arrange for burial ground for commercial or religious organization, better still, we can have our own permanent site.

To this, Alhaja Samiat sought to know if such burial ground will be for the family or for individual? Alhaji Takiu said that we can take two plots of land from our Idose family land and make it a burial site. To this suggestion from Alhaji Takiu, Mr. Ganiu said that he opposed to such an idea for now, that he will love to see building erected on the land before burial ground. Mr. Lateef supported Alhaji Takiu on this why Mr Najim’s fear was that  of  security  for the burial ground with the gory tales we heard on different burial site. At this moment Mr.  Saburi said we should not digress from the major topic of the day since we are talking of adoption of the constitution. He said that it is not everything we put in constitution. If members are coming to meeting regularly and it is banned for anybody to bring corpse for burial in the family compound as agreed by the family, the practice will end automatically.

The Chairman said we should put the discussion on burial in view, since it is going to cost us a lot of money. We will need to register and provide security and some other things need to accompany such venture. It should be a step at a time. He said that he recognized the need for that, that as the secretary mentioned, we cannot put everything in the constitution , that should hold on for now.

The issues of Auditor/PRO as raised by Maikudi. Mr. Saburi suggested that anytime we want to audit our account we should raise a committee to do so and dissolve such committee thereafter. He said a known/permanent auditor could be dangerous for the family since such known person could be lobbied  to back any fraudulent act if such happened. He equally suggested that the Secretary can act in the capacity of the PRO for now and as time goes on if there is a need for it, we will put it in the constitution. Mr. Semiu said we should wait for those that are on their way to air their view on the constitution. Alhaji Farook who came in a bit late said he has not seeing the drafted constitution and would like to study it before he makes any contribution and implored the house to give more time for its adoption probably by next meeting. The Chairman and the whole house acceded to his plea.

PHONE SECTION: Mr. Musiliu was briefed on the success so far and the resolution of the house on the issues of Auditor/PRO. He stated that what matter most is prudency and transparency on the part of the people that will be in charge of money and its spending. He implored them to do a good job as done our fore-fathers. ‘Posterity’, he said, will judge everybody. He said that he did not think any disparity should be in the monthly levy for both member at home and those that are abroad. After everybody mentioned their names one after the other, he thanked and appreciated all that are in attendance. He said that by next meeting he would like a conference call for more participation and implored the Secretary to do more, that he would love to see the minutes of the meeting on our web site including our panegyrics (oriki) to be there. He said he wants discount for those that could pay their dues at once to encourage others.

Mr. Saburi suggested that we should incorporate our sons and grandsons who have  come of age and are presently working to be coming to meeting to contribute their quota to the development of their root. They are our heirs and should come to learn from us as we did our fathers. The entire house agreed on this and promised to make the necessary contacts.

Before rounding up, the Chairman asked for all members present to introduce themselves. We all did. This is done to particularly recognized the presence of Alhaja Alimotu (Daughter of late Dawodu Soaga).  She is an elderly. She said it was well over forty years since last she stepped into the stir of this premises. She thanked everybody and thanked almighty Allah that speared our lives till this moment.

At 4:20, motion to adjourn the meeting was moved by Mr.Lateef, seconded by Mr. Ganiu who equally said the closing prayers.

NEXT MEETING   ……………………… 12TH OF APRIL, 2020

ATTENDANCE      ……………………… 12

CONTRIBUTION   ………………………..#5,500:00

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